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One2b fab

R785.00 R590.00
Weight loss capsules (30s) One2b fab capsules are known for their beneficial properties in burning fat, improving circulation, detoxification and digestive support.

One2b fab XL

R925.00 R730.00
Are you ready for RED? Cleanse your body & start your 3 month's weight loss journey with One2b fab (Blue Box). Accelerate this process by switching over to One2b fab XL (Red Box) if need be! Accelerate weight loss capsules (30s) One2b fab XL contains an even more concentrated formula than One2b fab that accelerates your weight loss journey. This means that the same benefits will be experienced when using One2b fab XL, propelling you to the next level in your weight loss journey.

VitB SHOT 20x 25ml


Your SHOT without the injection!

  • Boost Immunity
  • Reduces Fatigue
  • Increase Brain Function
  • Improves Performance
B the Best You.

VitB SHOT is a unique blend of vitamin B and other ingredients with no fillers and harmful binders.