All About One2b

Who we are

A small group of entrepreneurs that share a common goal by creating a better life for our customers and business partners. Collectively we will be a better society not only for South Africa but taking lead in international wellness and preventative health care.

Our Story

When we started out this business idea it was all about creating a shared value model. What does this mean?

All partners involved in this business model, the company, our customers, business partners & society, must gain equal value from the company’s ideas and products:

  • Our Customers – a better life.  Healthy living, preventative care & early detection.
  • Our Business Partners – a healthier financial wellbeing & a profound impact on social wellbeing.
  • The Society – a lesser healthcare burden due to a healthier lifestyle & quality nutrition.
  • Our Company – growth in market share & making a difference in every consumer’s healthier life, maximising the international standard of the 3-4-50 principal.

  Core Values

  • Transformation – Financial Wellbeing & Healthy Lifestyle
  • Integrity – Business Ethics & Trusted Products
  • Determination – Target Driven & Results Driven
  • Connection – Digital Processes & Face-to-Face Importance
  • Contribution – From all parties involved, to achieve success!


  • To be the number one weight loss & nutrition company in South Africa.
  • To create a better life.
  • To ensure the best technology-driven products within the South African market.
  • To be the experts in the health & wellness industry.


To be one of the leading weight loss, health & wellness companies in the world.


To create a better life!